Interview: Camille Balsamo


Actress Camille Balsamo will remember June 9, 2014 as a very special day in her career. First up, the long awaited trailer for the Kickstarter funded, practical effects film Harbinger Down will be released. The film was written and directed by her father Alec Gillis and she will star opposite acting legend Lance Henriksen. On that same day is the series premiere of her new TNT series Murder in the First which stars Taye Diggs and Kathleen Robertson.

The talented actress took time out of her schedule to talk with us about both projects, what it’s like working with her father and why making your own path instead of waiting to make it in the business is the way to go.

Pop Culture Principle - How did you become involved with the Harbinger Down project?

Camille Balsamo – Well, my dad is actually Alec Gillis who is the writer and director of the movie. He has known that I wanted to act since I was 9 years old. Both he and my mom said that I had to stay in school and that I really couldn’t pursue acting until I finished college. So, I graduated college and moved back to Los Angeles where I grew up and started taking classes, auditioning and making my own little projects here and there. When the opportunity presented itself to do a Kickstarter, of course he enlisted my help and I was more than happy to participate so that we could get the project off the ground. It’s been a dream come true for us. We’ve wanted to work together on a movie for fifteen years.

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