Interview: Lacey Chabert


Color of Rain is the best-selling book and true story of Michael and Gina Spehn. Each lost their spouse to cancer six weeks apart and out of their tragedy, they found each other. Color of Rain premieres May 31st at 9pmEST on the Hallmark Channel. The movie stars Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie.

Lacey was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to talk about Color of Rain, meeting the Spehns and what she personally took away from working on this project.

Pop Culture Principle – Where you aware of Michael & Gina’s story before you became involved with this project?

Lacey Chabert – Honestly, I wasn’t. They sent me the script and right away I went out and purchased the book because I wanted to read the book first. I watched a few of their appearances on television and I really fell in love with them as people. They are really funny and the fact that they were able to pick up their lives and find each other and navigate through this grief and find such hope, it was really inspiring. I was really honored to tell their story.

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