Interview: Milena Govich


MTV recently premiered its new series Finding Carter. The series follows Carter, a young girl who has a perfect life with her single mother Lori, until a police bust at a party reveals that Lori had abducted Carter as a child. Now, Carter returns to her biological family and must navigate through her new life whilst vowing to be reunited with Lori. The character of Lori is played by the multi-talented Milena Govich.

Milena should be no stranger to fans of film, television and theater. She’s had successful runs on Broadway in shows such as Cabaret and The Boys from Syracuse. On television, she starred on series such as Conviction, Rescue Me and K-ville. As Detective Nina Cassady, she was the first and only female detective on the original Law & Order. On the big screen she has appeared in films such as Sordid Things and A Novel Romance.

Today Milena sits down with the Pop Culture Principle to talk with us about her new series Finding Carter, her work on Law & Order and the advice she would give to up and coming actors.

Pop Culture Principle – You are currently starring on the series Finding Carter. Can you tell us what the show is about?

Milena GovichFinding Carter follows a 16 year old girl who has been raised by her single mom. They are best friends, do everything together and are extremely happy. Carter gets arrested for something silly with her friends and they discover that she was actually kidnapped when she was three years old. So, the mother that she has always known and loved is actually her kidnapper. She is sent back to live with her biological family whom she has never met or ever heard of. The show focuses on her struggle to assimilate into the new family or escape back to her mom.

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