As I am sure most of you know by now, rapper Heavy D (real name Dwight Errington Myers) died after complaining of flu-like symptoms at the age of 44. It’s a huge loss for the hip hop community because Heavy D was not your typical rapper. He was able to be influential with his music without falling into the traps of the rap game. He didn’t rap alot about being a playa, having tons of money or using foul language on his records. He did what he did because he loved hip hop and wanted to make a lasting contribution.

From 1987 through 2008, Heavy D released eight albums…many of them going gold and/or platinum. He had the respect of many in the hip hop community for his accomplishments in the rap game, but Heavy was much more than a rapper. He built an impressive resume of film and television acting credits. From TV shows like Roc, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boston Public, Bones and most recently Law & Order: SVU. He also appeared in such films as Life, The Cider House Rules, Step Up and  his final role in the recently released Eddie Murphy/Ben Stiller comedy Tower Heist.

Speaking from a personal perspective, I was a big fan of Heavy D and truly respected the work that he did. Knowing he didn’t have to follow the same type of path that many rappers did to become successful.  Heavy D never let the fact that he was an overweight man stop him from doing what he loved. Hell, you can watch many of his videos from the past and he’s dancing right along with the other people in the video with no problems.

Wherever you are Heavy, we thank you for your contributions to the entertainment industry. You were a definite role model for many and you will be missed.

I hope you have a peaceful journey….



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