AARP launched today its new entertainment initiative TV for Grownups®.

Following in the footsteps of its influential Movies for Grownups®, TV for Grownups® aims to connect 50-plus viewers with smart, relevant, entertaining shows and the actors who star in them, plus help demystify the technology associated with home entertainment.

AARP also announced it will hold the first annual TV for Grownups® Awards in 2018.

AARP’s TV for Grownups® will bring audiences closer to their favorite television content with news, interviews, weekly online reviews and previews, screenings and other special events year-round.

Current TV programming includes more than 450 scripted TV series. TVFG® will help filter the choices and connect more than 38 million AARP members and other 50-plus viewers to shows that resonate with them.

“Television has hit a new golden age, climbing to new heights in quality programming, making TV for Grownups the most natural progression for our entertainment portfolio,” said Myrna Blyth, SVP and Editorial Director for AARP Media.

The initiative will encompass all platforms of television content including broadcast, cable and streaming. TVFG will help viewers make savvy choices when choosing TV related devices and apps, service providers and subscription-based platforms.

TVFG® also celebrates the work being done by older actors and industry leaders while continuing to encourage and influence film and television efforts in creating content that appeals to a key audience – the 50-plus. Research shows people over the age of 50 watch more minutes of television programming per day than any other age group.

**Photo courtesy of AARP**

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