UPDATED – 3:50 PM EST – Pop Culture Principle received the following official statement from Hallmark regarding Cedar Cove:

“As our first scripted series, Cedar Cove will always hold a special place in Hallmark Channel’s evolution and we are incredibly proud of the show,” said Bill Abbott, president & CEO, Crown Media Family Networks..

“We are also deeply honored to have worked with the talented group of people who made the program such a success – including novelist Debbie Macomber, whose imagination brought Cedar Cove and its inhabitants to life; our visionary show runner, Sue Tenney, and her crew; and of course, Andie McDowell and our extraordinarily gifted cast. We are pleased to say that we will continue creative working relationships with these folks, both in front of and behind the camera, for upcoming projects on Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. Finally, we thank our loyal fans for going on this incredible journey with us over past three years.”

It looks like things have taken a turn for the worse for the town of Cedar Cove.

It seems that Hallmark Channel has cancelled its flagship original series Cedar Cove after three seasons.

Several members of the cast including Brennan Elliot, Dylan Neal, Barbara Niven and Jesse Hutch have tweeted the sad news out to the fans of the series.

Cedar Cove, which debuted on the Hallmark Channel on July 20, 2013, is based on the books of the same name by author Debbie Macomber and follows the lives of Judge Olivia Lockhart and her friends and family as they navigate the sometimes murky waters of life.

Over on the official Hallmark Channel Facebook page, the following message was posted to the fans:

“Cedar Cove was the first series launched on Hallmark Channel, and we are incredibly proud of the exquisitely beautiful three season arc it delivered. It was an honor to bring to life the kindness, consideration and courage of this story that Debbie Macomber envisioned. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the extraordinary cast, writers, artists and designers — especially Andie MacDowell, executive producer and show runner Sue Tenney, and of course, Debbie Macomber. It is a privilege to continue a creative working relationship with the incredible talents associated with this series — both in front of and behind the camera.”

**Photo Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter**

67 Replies to “‘Cedar Cove’ Cancelled After Three Seasons”

  1. It is a shame. I so looked forward to Cedar Cove every week. I had neighbors and friends join me on Saturday evenings to watch it with me. Please reconsider !!!!! It is a tremendous loss for us.:'( :'( :'(

  2. I am very disappointed in the cancellation of this series. It was frankly, the only weekly series I made sure not to miss this past year. There are so few tv shows anymore that have family values that everyone can watch, and I found Cedar Cove to be funny, interesting and inspiring. I am confused as while it was airing, there was so much publicity saying it was the most watched Hallmark show and was #1 in popularity. Does this not constitute a continuing series? What does it take to keep a series going? I realize there are many factors, but really do wish such a wonderful series wouldn’t be cast by the wayside. There are many, many, many disappointed fans. 🙁

    1. Just want to add as well, that it is particularly hard since the storyline was not the same as the books, so leaving a cliffhanger was frustrating to say the least.

  3. That is very disappointing, one of the few GOOD shows on tv that someone isn’t getting killed, robbed or raped. Makes me want to quit watching Hallmark.

    1. Very upset, lived the show even if it wasn’t exactly as the book states, .,. And the books… disappointed that you canceled the show… especially since you left a cliff hanger which insinuating there is going to be another series… however there is other shows on hallmark I would have cancelled not this one…. big fan let down hard…

  4. I’m very disappointed in the cancellation of one of my favorite series. Cedar Cove was a show my family all liked!

  5. I am very disappointed that Hallmark has cancelled the series,The Cedar Cove story makes Hallmark one of the top rated channels and the Cedar Cove fan club,and after being recognized for the outstanding family channel that the story line brought to the station they cancel the series,I bought the station from satellite provider just for that reason,I know there are other programs but I loved Cedar Cove. I have to decide if I will keep that station now,I feel like Hallmark left us all down and if I was Debbie Macomber I would not to another deal with Hallmark.

  6. Hi. I have been following the series Cedar Cove just like Dallas. While saddened to see the series end (would like to have seen Olivia marry Jack) I will continue watching the other shows airing on Hallmark.

  7. Hi. While I’m sadden to see the series end (I would have liked to see Olivia marry Jack) I’m just as sad why Dallas was left with a huge cliff hanger and when or is it coming back.

  8. I guess the show was too much of a good thing for the Hollywood set. There did not seem to be any place for the LGBT groups in the book. There is hardly a show on now that has not allowed that to creep in in a very distasteful way. Good-bye to family television shows. I just wonder which man she would have married in the end.

  9. Very disheartening my family watch it together and we look forward to it every week. I can’t believe you are leaving us hanging on top of that was it to get people interested just to sell more books cause we hooked now.

  10. That’s ridiculous! I am done with the Hallmark channel. It was a great show with great actors. Why cancel a show that isn’t full of sex scenes ans violence. I guess I will stick with PBS.

  11. I am so disappointed!! . I really looked forward to watching this show. Hallmark, you made it sound like the ratings were so good, why cancel the show? Hallmark, the fans at least deserve a 2 hour show to bring to conclusion all the storylines especially JACK & OLIVIA!!!! P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!

  12. I am so very sad to see this series end. It was my favorite Saturday night show. Just good wholesome stories with interesting people you would like to be friends with. Not the sex, drugs and violence so prevalent in almost all tv shows today. Why is quality always cancelled?

  13. So disappointing! I was hoping that they would extend the seasons. The seasons were too short. Maybe that was part of the problem.

  14. In my opinion if you had to cancel a series it should have been When Calls the Heart. I have watched them both. I like them both, but if I had to choose I would rather watch Cedar Cove. Last year I, along with so many other people, chose to cut cable because expense is exorbitant. It was getting ridiculous. I have gone the way of internet tv. Still a monthly cost but much cheaper. In the process I lost Hallmark which saddened me, but only because of Cedar Cove. I love the series so much I paid to watch it on Amazon this past season. I get my Hallmark movies through the Feeln network. Really saddened by this news. I would have paid to watch yet another season…if for no other reason than to get some sort of closure on our beautiful little town and it’s inhabitants.

  15. The only series I looked forward to watching. I hated to see the seasons end and couldn’t wait until the start of the new season. I agree with others that the seasons were too short. With so much smut on television, Cedar Cove was the only series I felt comfortable watching with my family……Huge disappointment!!

  16. I guess this is the end for Hallmark for me I have not missed one week watching this great, clean & decent program !

  17. Who’s ever idea it was to cancel Cedar Cove is plain & simple a genuine a total idiot. And should not be in any position of authority to be in charge of anything, cause clearly Canceling Cedar Cove is NOT A GOOD MOVE!


  19. Oh, no!!! This show ALWAYS came above all others…I am so sad…hope Hallmark will reconsider…it really is the best show out there!!!

  20. I read all of the Cedar Cove books. I so enjoyed the Hallmark series, it was so GREAT, DOWN to earth CLEAN TV that the whole family could watch together. Thank You for all of the movies that you provide for u 2 watch. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, VERY MUCH , BUT I WILL MISS CEDAR COVE.

  21. I was terribly disappointed to hear Hallmark had cancelled Cedar Cove. It was one of the best shows onTV. I, for one, had searched for clean, no sex, cussing or violence programs. I am sick of reality shows, shows filled with occult, sex, sex and more sex, violence bordering on gory, shameless and unnecessary filthy language, and LGBT. I grew up with Andy Griffith, Micky Mouse, Roy Rogers, Capt. Kangaroo, etc. I have watched TV slowly become a smut peddler’s dream. Can’t we please have a few decent shows to watch? Consider the return of Cedar Cove……please!! Despite a few problems, I find it A1 television with wholesome themes and honest portrayal of life!

  22. ugh I am also so sad and angry that Hallmark left this series with no closure!!!! Was my favorite show on Saturday nights!!!!It was a series that I did not have to worry that my ten year old was watching with me or in the same room!!!!! I also stayed with direct tv because they carried the series. Sorry Hallmark i am tapped out, would love to watch some of your movies on hallmark movies and mysteries but that package is extra of course!!!! P-l-e-a-s-e reconsider or at least a closure on this wonderful series!! P.S. I would of also liked Jack and Olivia to get married!!!! I would of still watched but i thought they ruined it by bringing in the new D.A.

  23. I was so excited to get the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel & was really looking forward to Season 4 Cedar Cove. The shows characters are so refreshing and full of life, wisdom & humor. I really want more seasons please! I wish to see the actors in other Hallmark shows.

  24. I have read all of the Cedar Cove books and enjoyed them as much as I did the weekly Hallmark series. Hope Hallmark reconsidered the cancelling of the series.

  25. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON’T CANCEL CEDAR COVE! It is a wonderful show that I looked forward to watching every week. It was so nice to watch a wholesome show. Hallmark has to reconsider. They have to give these shows a chance. There are so many people out there that love Cedar Cove. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. Please keep it on for all those who love the show.

  26. I too will leave Hallmark. I HATE suspending all programming to play tired Christmas movies from Halloween to New Year’s, and now they’ve cancelled a wonderful show for the trite When Calls the Heart. Hallmark, you ought to listen to your viewers or else you’ll end up with none at all.

  27. How can you cancel a series that has no ending. Did anyone involved in making this ever read Debbie’s complete series. Much more going on!!!!! Are your channels too busy with reruns of old shows or can’t you keep up with the things that your audience wants to see. Wasted time getting into this series when you cannot finish it.

    1. I can’t believe you are cancelling a series before you wrapped up the story line. I think the Hallmark Channel doesn’t care about their viewers. At least have a two hour movie to wrap it up. I guess Hallmark Channel is no different than any other television network. Hard to figure this one out. ;-(

  28. O come on Hallmark executives! You can be more considerate than this of your viewers. After we have spent hours watching your series, and then you don’t give us a sense of closure. Could you not at least give us, the million plus viewers, an hour or two hour wrap up? Is that too much to ask?

  29. Come on, Hallmark execs. Bring back Cedar Cove. It was such a breath of fresh air compared to the other junk on tv. Listen to your viewers!!

  30. What networks keep and axe always confusing. Numbers? Salaries? Does seem Hallmark is now supporting mystery series with females. Employing a fave Brennan Elliot and weaker Brooke Shields entry, but dissing Gourmet Detective as another blow to Dylan Neal. We’ll see.

  31. Cedar Cove sort of sucked me in. It’s like a clean-up opera really. It’s so funny how unrealistic everything is, but the show still sucks you right in. I don’t mind it be ing cancelled, but I don’t understand how they couldn’t wrap it up well. Couldn’t they have known they were going to cancel and finish out the season? Couldn’t they at least do a ‘summer special’ closing out the story? I think the lack of an actual ending fuels everybody’s frustration over the cancellation.

  32. It is patently clear, from the ongoing myriad letters you received that your decision to cancel Cedar Cove, after a final episode that was anything but final, was ill-advised, poorly planned, and ultimately, foolish on your part. As a newcomer to the show, and a very selective tv watcher, mostly MPBN, CNN, my husband and I happened on your series by accident through Netflix on Apple. Although unrealistic, as was Dallas and and Falcon Crest, it was entertaining, with a lovely panorama of Vancouver Island. We found ourselves looking forward to each episode, and were extremely upset that the series lacked closure. I feel that you owe it to your viewing audience to provide a final episode which would answer some of the obvious questions remaining in the last episode of Season 3.

  33. I was so sad to see that they have cancelled the show. I was looking forward to seeing the next episode! Could you please reconsider airing the show again?



  34. I am so disappointed that there won’t be a season 4 of this show! I just finished watching the entire series on Netflix and absolutely LOVED each episode. In fact, I had to drag myself away from my Netflix app on my phone each and everyday until I finished it. I am so sad; now I won’t know if Olivia feels the same about Paul as he does her:( I wish Hallmark would reconsider doing just one more season or at least doing a 2-hour series finale. Please, please!!!!

  35. I am extremely upset that cedar cove was cancelled. I am even more upset about the way it was done. No explanation as to why it was cancelled, no warning, no concern or consideration for the many, many loyal fans who were upset about it and had questions about it. Why can’t you reconsider and bring it back? There are a huge number of fans who want it to return. All of the actors were excellent. Why aren’t there any hallmark movies with andie McDowell? She is excellent. You are making a huge mistake to not bring cedar cove back and to not have andie McDowell star in a hallmark movie. You have excellent movies and I am glad that you have the movies you do, but this was definitely a mistake.

  36. The acting was much better i- Cedar Cove than in When Calls the Heart. So, with the cancellation and “left-me-hanging” ending to Cedar Cove, I am watching When Calls the Heart with much less enthusiasm. Any day, now, I expect it to be cancelled in the middle of a story. It is like reading a book where somebody ripped out the last 75 pages but kept telling you throughout
    how great the ending would be.

  37. What a shame. More so how could Hallmark leave their viewers with NO ENDING!!?? I have read all of the comments and no one asks if they can find out what has happened by reading the books? A few of the comments state that the books do not follow the story line on Hallmark exactly. Can anyone tell me if I purchase the books to read if I will find out a conclusion? It would have been a much better choice of Hallmark to at least put out a two hour special ending what they started. Such a wonderful show to be cancelled, and cancelled in such a poor manner.

  38. Hallmark, I thought maybe you would reconsider putting Cedar Cove back on. I miss it. Saturday nights are not the same without it. I haven’t watched any of the new series because I feel you will just cancel those to. All start watching Hallmark again when you put it back on. Sorry that was my favorite show.

  39. 8-13-17
    Pat Waltman
    Hallmark I think you did a cruel thing to your followers of Cedar Cove. I went back and watched all three series and was waiting to watch Season Four. Please bring it back or Why won’t it air until Feb. 2018.

  40. Just finished watching all three seasons in two weeks. What a fabulous series for a family to watch. Please reconsider! We love Cedar Cove.

  41. This was a very inspiring show with good values, especially family values. We need Cedar Cove back. This is the kind of a show that can run for a decades and people would not get tired of it.
    What can we do to have the show back rolling?

  42. Please don’t cancel Cedar Cove it’s the best series I’ve ever seen it just broke my heart when I send it in and they say it’s not going to be any more I hope they reconsider that should be more shows like that I loved everybody in it it’s so sad that it’s not going to be here no more.

  43. Cedar was a classic show that never let us down. I agree, a movie would be great. I just miss my friends and all the lives they were living in Cedar Cove.
    I usually like Hallmark but not right now, I don’t like them.

  44. I just finished the series Cedar Cove on Netflix. I can’t believe you just left it hanging and did not finished the story.?.!.?.! Come on Hallmark, I love your Channel but this was not very professional!!! Could you just please do a two hour movie to finished what you started.?.? Maybe a Christmas special were they all come back together and finished the story?? Please???

  45. Just finished watching Cedar Cove on Netflix. Please please bring it back! Much better than many other shows!!

  46. I was very disappointed when I started watching the series on Netflix that it had been cancelled. It is a wonderful show. Please consider bringing it back. It should be back on as good as it was!!

  47. Just finished watching Cedar Cove series again. Again I am so disappointed again that Hallmark didn’t at least have another season to let us all know what choice Olivia made or at least make the last episode include what happened next with her. Maybe Hallmark could have a Cedar Cove “reunion” 2 hour show; something to give all of us fans some closure!h

    1. I cannot believe this series was ended without closure. Just watched it on Hallmark channel and was so disappointed there was no actual ending to this series. Shame on Hallmark for cancelling such a great series.

  48. I still miss this show! It was one of your BEST along with Good Witch! Bad mistake on your part!!

  49. May I ask why Hallmark left us hanging with Cedar Cove? Was sure Olivia would change her mind…. What a cliff hanger… Still hanging Hallmark. Please, please, please finish the series. Perhaps a movie to wrap it up?

  50. Just found reruns of Cedar Cove. Loved it and couldn’t wait for the next show. So disappointed it was cancelled

  51. I was loving watching two hours of Cedar Cove. I looked forward to it every day. And in these uncertain times it was great to watch. Then one morning it was just gone. Before HM even aired season 3. And it was replaced with a show I would never watch. Bring back the Cedar Cove reruns or new Cedar Cove episodes. There was no closure.

  52. Very disappointed that a show with this caliber of talent and charming setting would be terminated particularly with such an abrupt and unresolved ending.
    Big mistake!

  53. We were very disappointed with the 4th season canceled. You have quite a following and we hope you reconsider bringing it back. Excellent programing.

  54. Please give me closure as many of your fans have already said we need an ending it was a good wholesome show where you could get away from your problems I bought the the hallmark channel just to finish the series then you just left me hanging I told my husband they can’t do that so please do something so we can see especially what happens to Olivia, Jack and Paul. Oh and I watched the show 5th quarter excellent movie I cried through the whole thing

  55. Get the actors back together and FINISH the show. How can we ever trust it wont happen on yet another series?
    It should be doable Hallmark. You are not looking reliable. How can you be so proud of smthing you never finished?! Fix it ..that would be the smartest thing you could do here.

  56. I bought all seasons of Cedar Cove several years ago, didn’t realize it would end the way it did, disappointed like everyone else. Absolutely loved Andie MacDowell as the judge, such a fantastic choice, just a great cast all around. I recently rewatched the series knowing full well how it would end, but enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. That’s when you know it was a fantastic series.I know this wont make a difference to the powers that be, my comment, but right now this is what people need. To watch something,that for a little while you forget all the bad things happening,all the drama of your own life and watch a fantastic series like Cedar Cove. So Hallmark, even if it is for one more season (s) or a two hour movie it would give your audience even more of a reason to watch your channel, and also closure to a fantastic beloved show. Thank You

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