FYI has greenlit six one-hour episodes of the new series “Midnight Feast” and has ordered two hour-long pilots, “Say It To My Face” and “Reverse Course,” it was announced today by Jana Bennett, President of FYI and LMN. Production begins immediately.

In “Midnight Feast,” New York’s Chelsea Market sets the stage for a late-night culinary showdown between some of the hottest chefs in the country. Hosted by chef, restaurateur and TV personality, Spike Mendelsohn, each episode will feature three chefs who are given free rein to use any ingredient found in the famous food hall to execute judged dishes. By the end of the night, the winner walks away with a cash prize – while the losers walk away paying their own tabs. With access to some of the finest ingredients in the world, each chef must weigh their desire to use the most expensive and exotic ingredients against the risk of picking up an outlandish bill.

“Say It To My Face” gives chefs and restaurant owners a chance to defend themselves before their toughest online critics. Never before have faceless online criticizers had so much power over the success or failure of restaurants. A chef can be on their game 99% of the time, but one mistake with one disgruntled customer, and they’re facing an uphill battle to get diners back through the doors. Critics and chefs / owners meet face to face to air grievances in this unique show. Then, with the mentorship of co-hosts, Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow; owners of NYC’s cult favorite, The Meatball Shop; each chef / owner will makeover their restaurant. From the menu to the décor and staffing – they will look to redeem their business in hopes that their toughest critics will change their online reviews as a result of the transformation.

“Reverse Course” follows chef and restaurateur, Sam Talbot, as he takes the farm-to-table concept to the extreme and tells the story of food like no one else has – in reverse. Beginning with the final meal and working backwards, viewers will see the prepared meal first and then will follow the story in reverse – from the meal being served, to the preparation and cooking, to the local sourcing to Sam’s inspiration.

“Midnight Feast” is produced for FYI by Nerd TV. Jago Lee, John Farrar and Bob Kirsh are Executive Producers for Nerd TV. Executive Producers for FYI are Gena McCarthy and Lauren Wohl.

“Reverse Course” is produced for FYI by Stick Figure Studios. Steven Cantor, Jon Housman and Bill Pruitt are Executive Producers for Stick Figure. Executive Producers for FYI are Gena McCarthy, Liz Fine and Audra Smith.

“Say it to My Face” is produced for FYI by Pie Town Productions. Tara Sandler, Jennifer Davidson and Blake Levin are Executive Producers for Pie Town. Executive Producers for FYI are Gena McCarthy and Toby Faulkner.

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