In January of 2016, FOX will be bringing back its iconic television series The X-Files for a six episode limited event series.

Once again, we will get to see the adventures of Agents Mulder and Scully along with the return of other memorable characters including The Smoking Man and Assistant Director Walter Skinner.

While the series has been off the air for well over a decade, it has not diminished the popularity of the series with the cast, crew and most notably the loyal fanbase known as Philes.

For years the fans have petitioned the network, created websites and videos, raised money for charities and more to convince FOX that there is still a rabid fanbase ready for the return of the series.

Adding to the hype of the return of The X-Files is noted author John Kenneth Mur who just released a new book entitled The X-Files FAQ. In the words of Muir himself, “this book focuses on what The X-Files means, what it says about our world and the culture that gave rise to it. My introduction discusses the series’ historical context, and it compares the period of Pax Americana (the 1990s and the introduction of the Internet) to the Age of Pax Britannica a hundred years earlier (and the advent of globalism).”

We here at the Pop Culture Principle are proud to announce that we will be giving away of copy of the fantastic book to one lucky reader.

To enter the contest is simple. All you need to do is follow the the instructions below and we will pick a random winner of the book.

To enter the giveaway, follow us on Twitter @thepcprinciple and like our Facebook page here. The contest will close at 5pm on September 18th and we will announce the winner shortly after! Good luck!

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