Currently residing in Vancouver and originally from Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, actor Andrea Stefancikova is definitely carving out a successful career in Hollywood on her terms.

Andrea can now be seen in the action thriller American Badger. The film will see its VOD and digital release on June 15th. She also recently appeared in the NBC science fiction series Debris, which although cancelled by NBC after one season, has already sparked a fan campaign for a second season of the series.

We had the chance to sit down with Andrea and talk about her current project American Badger, her thoughts on her work on the series Debris and its cancellation as well as talking with us about upcoming projects she is working on.

Pop Culture Principle – What was it about the script for American Badger that made you sign on to the project which will debut on June 15th?

Andrea Stefancikova – I wanted to dig into a complex uneasy role at the time and was also intrigued by the action aspect. I felt like I would bring to the role of Marcella/Velvet what it deserved. Kirk Caouette was filming two movies at the same time, American Badger and American Velvet, a rare opportunity to film two movies at once.

Pop Culture Principle – Can you tell us the basic plot of the film and your character Velvet?

Andrea Stefancikova – American Badger is a cautionary tale between Dean aka Badger, a professional hitman and a sex worker called Marcella later known as Velvet. Two characters who have more in common then they realized at first. They are similarly damaged kindred spirits who find solace in each other until Badger is ordered to kill Velvet.

Pop Culture Principle – Judging by the trailer, there is a lot of action and martial arts in the film. How much are you involved when it comes to the action in the film, and did you have any training preparing for the role?

Andrea Stefancikova – The character I portray gets fairly involved in the action of the film, the shooting/killing scenes, but not in the fight scenes. I had basic stage combat training before, which wasn’t enough. I was given additional training for American Badger, but Velvet is not a pro hitman in the film, so she isn’t supposed to be as slick with the guns as Badger is. It worked

Pop Culture Principle – You worked with writer/director Kirk Caouette in the previous film Promiseland. What is it like working with him as a director and will you be working with him again in the near future?

Andrea Stefancikova – I liked working with Kirk. He is a grounded, health-conscious and kind man, who is passionate about anything he does including filmmaking. I admire his drive and persistence. I relate to it. I don’t know what the future holds, but I would love to work with him again if the opportunity arises.

Pop Culture Principle – Speaking of Promiseland, you were awarded the Whistler Film Festival’s “Star to Watch Award” for your performance in that film. As an actor, how does it make you feel knowing that your work has been recognized?

Andrea Stefancikova – It was an extremely humbling and beautiful moment for me. An emotional and powerful one. It’s a good feeling to be recognized, especially in this industry. So much time, energy and work go into it and often very little is received back. I am grateful.

Pop Culture Principle – You recently had a recurring role as Irina on the NBC series Debris? Can you tell us a little bit about that character and the show? Irina mainly dealt with CIA operative Maddox on the show. It seems they have known each other for a while. Do we know the true relationship between the two of them?

Andrea Stefancikova – I enjoyed playing Irina very much. I was ecstatic when I booked the role. Irina is a Russian secret agent. She is smart, calculated, direct, cold but also caring. A rather obscure character. She is doing important business with Maddox (Norbert Leo Butz) and although not explained on screen in the first season, they do know each other well. They have a long past of working together… Their true relationship hasn’t been explored yet. I liked that this aspect makes Irina unpredictable. We don’t know how much control she has over Maddox and why and what she will pull out of the bag of their past, even though it seems there is a lot of mutual respect between these two characters.

Pop Culture Principle – In the Season One finale, your character met with Maddox to make an exchange and was told by Maddox that he can’t let her leave, but we don’t find actually find out what happened? Was that done on purpose or is she dead?

Andrea Stefancikova – Good question. Sometimes the final edit changes what we, actors, read on the page. The entire dialogue from their “exchange” has been cut along with additional scenes, so the way they part became more of a mystery. When Maddox said he can’t let her leave, but there is a door only she can take … well that just plays into the entire theme of Debris, teleporting, etc. It’s been written on purpose.

Pop Culture Principle – We recently found out that NBC decided to cancel Debris after one season. If there had been a second season, would your character have returned?

Andrea Stefancikova – Unfortunately, it was cancelled. Will I return – that’s the question we all ask ourselves as recurring characters. Nothing was in the writing, but my instinct was that Irina would have returned, especially after how things ended between them. Irina never got the piece she was supposed to, and you know Russians don’t just let things go… they don’t like to get screwed by the CIA…

Pop Culture Principle – Another show that recently ended after a fifteen season run was Supernatural. Can you talk a little bit about our experience working on that series?

Andrea Stefancikova – Supernatural was super fun. I really felt like I was amongst family, people who have been working together for many years. Phil Sgriccia was a fun director, really kind and easy to work with and Mark Pellegrino is not only a totally down to earth human but also a solid actor and pleasure to work with.

Pop Culture Principle – You are an actor, model, singer and dancer. Do you think it’s important that people in the entertainment industry be involved in multiple aspects of the business? Does that help in getting booked for projects?

Andrea Stefancikova – I don’t model anymore. It’s always good to be versatile, but out of what you named, I don’t think it necessarily helps. It’s very tricky how things work in getting booked for projects and it’s seldom only the talent that guarantees the booking. It’s a bit of a chess game. It’s different if an actor is also a producer or director, then that may contribute to more work in her/his own projects… I think it’s important to be fulfilled as an actor and have other artistic outlets for the creativity so when there are periods of no work, which happen often, the actor doesn’t get depressed and discouraged.

Pop Culture Principle – What advice would you give to an up-and-coming actor in the business?

Andrea Stefancikova – On top of the above, I would say, don’t give up. There is only one you in the world. Work hard but also life your life. Don’t put anything on hold for acting. Don’t let it dictate your life. It’s the times when you care the least and are busy living that the work comes. Be a good human and believe in YOU

Pop Culture Principle – Do you have any upcoming projects that you can tell us about?

Andrea Stefancikova – My next project that might start popping up on social media in the fall is American Velvet. That is the companion film to American Badger. I am developing two feature films, so that’s where my focus is nowadays. And whatever comes in between is a gift. If there is an announcement to make, I will post it and share with everyone.


A huge thank you to Andrea Stefancikova for taking the time to talk with us. Remember, her next project, American Badger, will be available on VOD and most digital platforms on June 15th.

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