Currently airing its fifth season on the Hallmark Channel, When Calls the Heart continues to be one of the most watched series on the network.

After four years of patiently waiting, it seems the moment that all Hearties have been waiting for is finally here, the wedding. After recently asking Elizabeth for her hand in marriage, both Jack and Elizabeth decided that they didn’t want to wait and wanted to get married in two weeks!

Will there be enough time to get everything done? Will Rosemary take over Elizabeth’s wedding plans? What about the dress? So many questions need to be answered.

Well, we sit down with Jack Thornton himself, Daniel Lissing, and try and get a few answers for fans of the series.

Pop Culture Principle – Now that Jack Thornton has returned to Hope Valley, will we find out what happened while he was fighting in the North or will that be a touchy subject for him?

Daniel Lissing – Yeah, it’s a little of both, I’d say. He certainly has a process to go through to make his peace with what happened there.

Pop Culture Principle – Why do you think Jack decided that he didn’t want to wait any longer to get married and speed up the wedding day?

Daniel Lissing – Well, I think that he partially realized that he just didn’t want to wait another second to start his life with Elizabeth and partly because he wanted a distraction from the horrors of war.

Pop Culture Principle – Family and honor are very important to Jack. How important will it be for him to receive the blessing from Elizabeth’s father and will we see that soon?

Daniel Lissing – Watch this Sunday night for all the answers you seek!

Pop Culture Principle – For me as a viewer, I feel that the timing is right for a wedding between Jack and Elizabeth. Would you agree with that?

Daniel Lissing – Yeah, I would. It feels like the perfect time for them. I think you can only play out the tension between a couple for so long before you get to a point where you really have to bite the bullet.

Pop Culture Principle – As an actor, how have you enjoyed playing this emotional ride between Jack and Elizabeth over the past five seasons?

Daniel Lissing – I really love it. It’s easy for me to work with Erin – she’s such a giving actor and so is the rest of the cast.

Pop Culture Principle – As mentioned before, family is important to Jack. If there is a wedding, will we see some of Jack’s family make it to the event?

Daniel Lissing – Yes, can you guess who?

Pop Culture Principle – We see that Henry Gowen is now back in Hope Valley. Do you think Jack trusts him and will he be keeping an eye on him or does Jack feel he deserves a second chance?

Daniel Lissing – He’s part of the community. I like to think that Jack sees the good in everyone and he sees the good in Henry Gowen, too. I think after what Henry’s been through there’s really good potential for some romance between him and Abigail, I’d like to see that. I think that they should keep that going and have them have their first kiss at the end of the series, somewhere down the road.

Pop Culture Principle – Over five seasons of When Calls the Heart, Jack has never strayed from his principles or who he is. How important has that been for you that the writers have stayed true to Jack Thornton?

Daniel Lissing – It’s important. We play characters, and each of those characters has traits. If you’re writing for the character of the person then you can never stray. As long as you keep asking yourself how would Jack respond to this situation? If he’s a man of integrity he would respond with integrity and that’s the key to good writing and consistent writing.

Pop Culture Principle – What can fans look forward to with the fifth season of When Calls the Heart?

Daniel Lissing – Too many good things! Apart from Jack and Elizabeth’s story, there are so many great things going on in Hope Valley this season with all the characters. You can jump on to any character’s storyline and get something out of it. There’s a lot going on and a lot of fun. This season will give you the When Calls the Heart goodness you’ve grown to love.

A big thank you to Daniel Lissing for taking time out of his schedule to answer a few questions. To say that Daniel is busy these days is an understatement! You can catch a brand new episode of When Calls the Heart every Sunday night at 9/8c only on the Hallmark Channel!

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  1. Kudos to you Daniel for playing this fine character. Kudos to all the characters for bringing us a few minutes of fantastic entertainment

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