*****DISCLAIMER. This interview with Jamie Bamber was conducted on July 11th****

When you see the name Jamie Bamber, many of you may recognize the name from the incredibly popular Syfy channel series Battlestar Galactica, but there is so much more to his career.

Over his impressive career, Jamie has been involved in some of the best television series including Marcella, Law & Order: UK, NCIS, Body of Proof, Strike Back and Perception to name a few.

Now Jamie is back with a new series playing a very different type of character named Harry King. He stars alongside Lucie Lucas in the Acorn TV series Cannes Confidential. The series is described as a “high-concept blue sky detective series revolving around the bicker-banter relationship between gutsy no-nonsense detective and charming international conman, who are thrown together solving crimes on the French Riviera.”

We had the chance to sit down with Jamie Bamber to talk about his new series, what it was like working with this castmates and also his thoughts on the series being compared to the classic 80s series Moonlighting that starred Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis.

**Photo courtesy of Frederic Pasquini/AcornTV**

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