The hit CBS drama FBI returns for a brand new episode on Sunday, January 24th at 10/9c, immediately following the AFC Championship game. The series returns to its regular time slot on Tuesday, January 26th at 9/8c with another brand new episode.

We had the chance to talk with series lead Missy Peregrym about the third season of the series. Missy took time away from the show to give birth to her first child and the series used her being away to have Maggie go undercover. While Maggie was away undercover, Chicago P.D. Detective Hailey Upton temporarily joined the FBI team for several episodes.

During our interview, we talked with Missy about the effects of Maggie going undercover on her personally and professionally, how it may affect her partnership with OA and now that she has a love interest, how that may play out as the season progresses.

Pop Culture Principle – Maggie had to become someone totally different 24 hours a day while undercover. How hard or easy was it for her to return to her normal life and work with OA?

Missy Peregrym – I think it was something that she was excited to do. I think it was harder for her to be undercover and do her job differently, whereas she can be really authentic when she’s working with OA and I think that was a relief for her. The toughest part was showing up and her boyfriend being in her regular world since they met undercover and had this fantasy of what life was like and then now all of a sudden, it’s the real world and that has been the bigger struggle for Maggie.

Pop Culture Principle – We find out that Maggie shot and killed someone she had befriended while undercover. Will this play on her psyche as the season continues?

Missy Peregrym – Our show likes to move forward and we try not to take anything for a very long time so that people can watch an episode without really needing to see a whole thing to understand what is going on with the characters. Maggie kind of kills someone every episode basically and should be in therapy and not be as happy as she is.  I really can’t play the realities of what killing someone would do to a person, but I do try to play like that’s never what Maggie wants to do. She never wants to take a life and hopes that it can go down a different way.

Pop Culture Principle – Will we get an episode this season where we see what it was like for Maggie while she was undercover?

Missy Peregrym – I don’t think so. I think this is it. I think we are moving on and we have the team back together which is the real story. I think it might have been different if Maggie hadn’t gone undercover just because I was pregnant last year. If it was really part of a storyline that they had planned out for the show, it may have been different, but Maggie going undercover was a way to get me out while I was pregnant.

Pop Culture Principle – Although Maggie did try to put herself back out there a bit in Season 2, it just never worked out. But we find out that she got very close with fellow Special Agent Nestor Vertiz while undercover. Can you talk about how that relationship came to be?

Missy Peregrym – I think it is still something that she struggles with. You will see that kind of play out as the season goes along. For her, it’s tough to kind of get back into something. We saw her try to open up with people and she really wanted to move forward and let go of Jason. Of course, any person really wants to have intimacy with another person, however it has its own set of challenges when you are actually in it which is what we are seeing now.

Pop Culture Principle – When OA first meets Vertiz, it seems that he has suspicions that something is up between them right away. Would you agree with that?

Missy Peregrym – Since OA wasn’t a part of Maggie’s world when she was undercover and to now see someone else who she is close to was different for him. In the upcoming episode Crazy Love, which airs after the AFC Championship game, it’s really about a showdown between the two of them. OA has a really hard time trusting this guy and he’s very protective of Maggie. It was fun to be part of a storyline like that in between the case.

Pop Culture Principle – You mentioned that OA is very protective of Maggie. Do you think it may also be him having feelings for her as well?

Missy Peregrym – I think that anything can happen on our show especially if we go for a long time. I do think that there is a protective nature to OA when it comes to Maggie and this is the first time that we are really seeing it. I really can’t say more than that because I learn about the characters and storylines as I get the scripts.

Pop Culture Principle – How do you think she feels about getting caught in the middle of OA and Vertiz?

Missy Peregrym – She’s trying to manage two emotional beings right now when she just wants to do the job. We have a job to do and whatever you guys are sorting through, I will do my best to support both of you, but we don’t have time for this.

Pop Culture Principle – You have a new member of the team in Special Agent Tiffany Wallace played by Katherine Renee Turner. Can you talk about that character and her addition to the series?

Missy Peregrym – I think she is so great. I just think that she is very strong and as an actor and a person, she really grounds everything. It’s so nice being in scenes with her. She’s very much her own person within our team and brings something new and I really like the dynamics and shifts in those scenes because of her presence.

I also like what is happening with her and Scola. It’s always really nice to have two different partnerships happening on a show were you can watch more stuff. We are very happy to have her and she rounds out the series nicely. Since season one, there were a lot of changes that happened with the team outside of our show. It’s always hard to get a show off the ground and the first season is never easy. We were trying to find out what is the world? What is this show? I think we really found it and I am so excited and it’s fun to watch!

Pop Culture Principle – While Maggie was away undercover, OA was partnered with Detective Hailey Upton from Chicago P.D. Although their working relationship started out rough, it seemed to turn around near the end of her assignment. Will we see another crossover with Chicago P.D. in the future or do you hope we do?

Missy Peregrym – Honestly, I think anything is possible and I think it’s something that they are very excited to do. It’s more of how everything goes with the pandemic and at this point, it’s not going to be possible to do. If anything, maybe something with FBI: Most Wanted just because the teams are both here. At this point because of travelling, it’s just too hard. So, for safety reasons, maybe not anytime soon, but they are definitely excited about doing more of them in the future.

Pop Culture Principle – How have you and the cast and crew dealt with COVID and the safety precautions?

Missy Peregrym – We are so careful with COVID and the testing and keeping everything as small as possible. I mean, it’s really important that we can come back to work. For us, it’s a bunch of families coming together trying to put food on the table and take care of each other. Everyone is being real careful on set and in their private lives as well. It’s been tricky and we hope that things will get better and a little easier, but I have to say considering the year, I think we are very blessed to be back.

Pop Culture Principle – What can fans look forward to with the rest of the third season of FBI?

Missy Peregrym – There is more drama in terms of Maggie, Vertiz and OA. I think there is some stuff happening with Jubal and I would just say, stay tuned, it’s going to be a fun ride.


A huge thank you to Missy Peregrym for taking the time to sit down and chat with us. We always have a blast talking with her! Don’t forget, FBI returns this Sunday, January 24th at 10/9c with a new episode after the AFC Championship game!

**All photos courtesy of Michael Parmelee/ CBS 2020 CBS Broadcasting**

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