Every Saturday night in June, the Hallmark Channel will present a new original movie that celebrates all things wedding bells and romance.

This Saturday, June 11th at 9/8c, the network presents its latest original movie Stop the Wedding starring Rachel Boston.

Rachel is certainly no stranger to fans of the Hallmark Channel. She’s starred in several of their films including A Ring in Spring, A Gift of Miracles and Ice Sculpture Christmas to name a few.

But, there is more to Rachel’s career than working with the Hallmark Channel. She starred in the Lifetime series Witches of East End as well as a recurring role on the USA Network series In Plain Sight. She’s also guest starred on hit series such as ER, Castle, Grey’s Anatomy and Rules of Engagement.

Today, we sit down with Rachel to talk about her last movie Stop the Wedding, what it was like working with the cast of the film and how she would handle the exact situation her character had to deal with.

Pop Culture Principle – The movie Stop the Wedding is based on the book of the same name by Stephanie Bond. Did you have a chance to read the book to prepare for the role?

Rachel Boston – This movie happened really fast for me. I got the script and a week later was on a plane to start filming, so the producers filled me in on the book, and the author of the screenplay visited us while we were filming. Stephanie and I just did an interview together, and she has been so wonderful and supportive, and I love that the book was written by a woman, the screenplay was written by a woman, and the film was directed by a woman. Lots of inspiring women working on this film.

Pop Culture Principle – What was it about this particular script that made you want to sign on for the project?

Rachel Boston – I love watching romantic comedies, and I love making romantic comedies. I really enjoyed the story and thought it was a very realistic portrayal of what it takes to open up to love again.

Pop Culture Principle – Can you tell us the basic premise for Stop the Wedding?

Rachel Boston – I play a divorce attorney who is quite skeptical about marriage. When she finds out her aunt is engaged to a man she barely knows, she is shocked and flies home to “stop the wedding.” During this process, she goes all sorts of adventures, and starts to see how the past is holding her back from the life she truly wants to live and finds the courage to open up to love again.

Pop Culture Principle – You play Anna in the film. How would you describe her to someone who didn’t know her?

Rachel Boston – An independent career woman who is a fun, romantic spirit at heart.

Pop Culture Principle – What similarities and differences are there between you and the character Anna?

Rachel Boston – Well, we are both very independent. When I was a little girl, my grandmother was helping me across the monkey bars, and I looked at her and said, ” I do by self” and then I fell and broke my arm. That story really makes me laugh now because that was my first little independent spirit wound, and I was so proud of my cast. And deep down, we both believe in true love. As for differences…well…I’m not really an attorney 🙂 Although I thought about going down that path for a while when I was in school, so I really enjoy scenes in the law firm.

Pop Culture Principle – When watching a film like this, the chemistry has to be there between the two leads or it’s just not believable. Both you and Niall Matter have great chemistry on screen. What was it like working with Niall?

Rachel Boston – He is a very kind soul. We are both from really small towns so there is a similar spirit there. We go on all of these adventures together on our mission to “stop the wedding” so it was fun to explore the relationship in so many different environments. We both really enjoyed Vegas and we filming the hiking sequence in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever seen. It was amazing.

Pop Culture Principle – Stop the Wedding also has an amazing supporting cast including Alan Thicke and Teryl Rothery. What was it like working with them?

Rachel Boston – Alan Thicke is hilarious! He started out as a comedy writer and has us cracking up between scenes and quite often just right in the middle of a take. And Teryl and Alan had worked together years ago when she was a dancer so it was fun to be there for their reunion!

Pop Culture Principle – Do you think if you were in the same situation as Anna, would you try and stop the wedding?

Rachel Boston – I think I would be very honest about my feelings but ultimately we all have to make our own decisions and learn the lessons we are supposed to learn.

Pop Culture Principle – Do you think it’s important for people to speak up in situations like that despite the possible consequences or should they stay quiet?

Rachel Boston – I believe in speaking your truth, but I also think it’s important to look at where it is coming from. We often project our own fears onto other people so we have to get really honest with where it is coming from, but I do think it is natural to want to protect the people we love.

Pop Culture Principle – You have done several projects with the Hallmark channel. What keeps you coming back to work with the Hallmark Channel?

Rachel Boston – I love working with Hallmark. The films are hopeful and inspiring, and in a world where everyone is trying to push the envelope, it’s wonderful to find a home that has stories with heart.

Pop Culture Principle – Do you believe it’s possible to meet someone and know right away that person is the one you want to spend the rest of your life?

Rachel Boston – I do.

Pop Culture Principle – What message would you like the viewers to take away from watching Stop the Wedding?

Rachel Boston – I hope it inspires people to believe in second chances. I will be live tweeting on Saturday night so if anyone has any questions or thoughts about the film, send them my way!

We want to thank Rachel Boston for taking time from her schedule to talk with us. Don’t forget, you can watch her new movie, Stop the Wedding only on the Hallmark Channel this Saturday, June 11th at 9/8c. As Rachel mentioned above, she will be live tweeting, so if you would like to ask her a question or just say hello, make sure you follow her official Twitter account @rachelboston.

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