Do you believe in miracles? There are many people who truly believe that miracles do happen and there are also people who don’t believe in miracles. That is a question that is asked in the upcoming Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film A Gift of Miracles which airs on February 15, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT.

The movie follows Darcy (Rachel Boston), a pragmatic PhD candidate must let go of her logic when she finds a list of items to give away written by the late mother she never knew. With the encouragement of her enthusiastic new mentor, she attempts to return everything on the list, and begins to encounter unexplainable coincidences that lead her to understand the world’s smallest marvels have the greatest meaning.

Rachel Boston is definitely no stranger to the Hallmark universe as she has worked on several projects with the network. She is also know for playing Ingrid Beauchamp for two years on the Lifetime series Witches of East End. The busy actress sat down with us to talk about her new movie A Gift of Miracles, working with legend Rita Moreno, and if she believes in miracles.

Pop Culture Principle – Can you tell us the basic premise of the movie A Gift of Miracles?

Rachel Boston – A Gift of Miracles is about hope, love, and opening up to the world that exists beyond what the human eye can see. I play Darcy Miller, a pragmatic PhD student, who has to let go of logic when she discovers a list of items her mother was hoping to give away. As Darcy begins to give the items on the list away, she encounters unexplainable coincidences that open her to a world she didn’t know existed. Once out of her comfort zone, she discovers miracles are all around her.


Pop Culture Principle – Your character is a very logical and driven individual. As an actor, how did you enjoy her journey from that kind of thinking to opening up to the fact that miracles are possible?

Rachel Boston – I loved seeing her grow throughout the story and awaken through her new relationships. And I enjoyed seeing her open her heart again and explore why she felt like she had to build so many walls to protect herself in the first place. We all have things we are afraid of and choices we make to protect ourselves. These patterns and thought forms often help us survive for a period of time but there comes a time when we are going to have to let go if we want to move to the next stage of our lives. I enjoyed that journey. I relate to that journey.

Pop Culture Principle – Personally, do you consider yourself a person who believes in destiny or are you more like your character?

Rachel Boston – I do believe things happens for a reason and teach us lessons to help us grow and evolve. With this movie, I had a conversation with a friend about how i was hoping to tell stories about faith and miracles and the script for ‘A Gift of Miracles’ was sent to me that night. That very night! That was powerful! And fast.


Pop Culture Principle – Speaking of things happening for a reason, you once lived in a house that used to be owned by Rita Moreno. Is that correct?

Rachel Boston – Yes! How crazy is that?! I finished a show in New Mexico and found this adorable little house when I moved back to Los Angeles and they told me Rita Moreno had lived there when she first moved to LA. When I found out she was cast in this film, I almost fell to the floor. Life and art. Clearly all meant to be and divinely planned! I am so happy this movie brought us together.

Pop Culture Principle – You share a lot of screen time with actor Jesse Moss. What was it like working with him?

Rachel Boston – We worked together briefly in a movie called A Ring By Spring so it was a reunion for us. His wife was almost 9 months pregnant when we were filming A Ring By Spring and now they are parents to the cutest little boy! He is a very kind hearted man.

Pop Culture Principle – There is also a fantastic supporting cast of veteran actors including Rita Moreno, Sarah-Jane Redmond and Andrew Airlie. How was your experience working with them?

Rachel Boston – Rita is an extraordinary woman inside and out. She just lights up a room! Her energy and tenacity are so inspiring. She’s fearless and free. Andrew Airlie is just a most delightful person. Humble, kind, warm, all the things you hope for in a father. We had some wonderful conversations on set that meant so much to me. Sarah-Jane Redmond is great to work with and her friend Jill Teed is also in the film and she is very fun.


Pop Culture Principle – Not only where you one of the stars of the movie, but you were also an associate producer. What was it like wearing two hats for this project?

Rachel Boston – This film happened really fast. I wrapped a season of Witches and started pre-production for A Gift of Miracles 3 days later. So I had to quickly shift gears and throw all of my energy into a new story. I was so thankful to be surrounded by a very supportive crew.

Pop Culture Principle – One of the most powerful scenes in the movie is when you play the videotape and see you as a baby in your mom’s arms. As an actor, how do you prepare for such an emotional scene?

Rachel Boston – That was an interesting scene to film. There’s a lot that comes up but I think more than the grief of loss, there’s so much joy and hope knowing that love existed. It’s really what sets Darcy free.


Pop Culture Principle – This isn’t your first time working with Hallmark. What is it about working with their brand that made you want to work with them again?

Rachel Boston – Well, first of all, they are wonderful people. It is a truly kind, creative, and very supportive network and passionate about telling stories with heart. The movies I’m getting to make really give me a chance to do something I don’t always see anywhere else, and that is tell really character-driven stories with strong, honest, passionate women who are searching to do good in the world. And in today’s world, I am very happy to work on films with messages of faith and hope that the whole family can see.

Pop Culture Principle – What message would you like viewers to take away from this movie after seeing it?

Rachel Boston – To trust life just a little bit more. And hold onto hope. Even in the darker times, there are miracles to discover.

A big thank you to Rachel Boston for taking time out of her very busy schedule to talk with us. Don’t forget, A Gift of Miracles airs on Sunday, February 15, 2015 at 9pm ET/PT on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. If you would like to keep up with all of Rachel’s latest projects and news, you can like her official Facebook page here or you can follow her on Twitter here.

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