We have a first for our site today. We had the chance to interview two young, up and coming actors who just happen to be brother and sister. Both Noorin Gulamgaus and his younger sister Sirena Gulamgaus are proof positive that age is just a number. If you believe in yourself, your faith and have a little bit of luck, you too can carve out your own path in Hollywood. Today, we focus on younger sibling Sirena Gulamgaus.

Sirena started acting at the age of six and already has established herself as an actor you need to keep an eye on. Currently, she can be seen co-starring opposite Robbie and Stephen Amell in the Netflix film Code 8 Part II. She also had a four season run on the hit Canadian medical drama Transplant, starred opposite Oscar winner Adrien Brody in the MGM+ original series Chapelwaite and worked alongside Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany in the hit series Orphan Black. Her next project, Humane, will be released this Friday, April 26th and is directed by Caitlin Cronenberg.

We had the chance to sit down with Sirena to talk about her work on Code 8 Part II, her experiences working on several past projects, her advice for young people considering a career in acting and how important her older brother Noorin has been to her growth as an actor and person.

Pop Culture Principle – You recently co-starred with Robbie and Stephen Amell in Code 8 Part II. Can you tell us what attracted you to the role of Pav?

Sirena Gulamgaus – It was coming off of the success of the first one and also the Amell cousins are a big deal in Canada, there is no way you cant say no to that. Plus Netflix was producing it this time. I think it was Netflix Canada’s first original film. I think…

Pop Culture Principle – Many of your scenes in the film were opposite Robbie Amell? In between filming and on your down time, did you get the chance to pick his brain about the business and what was it like working with him on set?

Sirena Gulamgaus – No I didn’t really get a chance. Also, I was filming the most days because my days were not as long as theirs. But we had lots of fun between takes and I enjoyed that the most. I also don’t really ask or talk about business or acting, I know I should!

Pop Culture Principle – It seemed like even though you are younger than most of the cast in the film, you fit right in without missing a beat. Would you agree?

Sirena Gulamgaus – Oh thank you! Well, everything I’ve done so far has always been this way. I’m always the younger actor on set. Pretty much everything I’ve done has had older cast members. Aside from one project, where I wasn’t the youngest. You kind of get used to it. I do want to do something with a younger cast, just to see how it is?

Pop Culture Principle – Many actors we speak to say that with every one of their projects, they learn something about themselves and/or takeaway something from the project. Did you learn anything new about yourself or take anything away after working on Code 8 Part II?

Sirena Gulamgaus – 100%. Many things that I could blabber about, but they’re life changing takeaways. And I always have a great support system, where I could make sure those takeaways are being taken. But to answer your question, for this project, I took away being more open with cast and crew and being grateful for everyone on the team. It makes it even more fun and enjoyable when you are open and grateful.

Pop Culture Principle – You just recently wrapped a four season run on the hit Canadian medial drama Transplant. Your character Amira Hamed did a lot of growing up those 4 seasons. Can you talk a little bit about your characters growth over those four seasons?

Sirena Gulamgaus – Transplant was great. Yes, every season I had a different look, which is funny! As I grew, so did Amira and I think that’s beautiful. A lot of me can be shown through this character, while at the same time being another person than me. I’m very grateful for this opportunity because it’s the project that opened me as an actor. Although I didn’t have as much days as the other actors.

Pop Culture Principle – Your character had an older brother Bashir, played by Hamza Haq. You both worked so well together throughout the shows run. Can you talk a bit about what it was like working with Hamza Haq and the relationship between those two characters?

Sirena Gulamgaus – It was great! We always connected and had great conversations. It felt comfortable talking to Hamza, maybe because he was pretty much a brother/father figure while filming. So when the camera’s started rolling, it was truthful. It’s always sad leaving projects that has a long run in your life, you never know if you will ever be in the same room again with those people.

Pop Culture Principle – What will you miss the most about working on Transplant?

Sirena Gulamgaus – Being in Montreal, Canada. For 4+ years, Montreal was like a second home. I even stayed at the same hotel. But I wasn’t there always, so it was great just travelling back and forth for work. I’ll definitely miss that experience. Good times for sure!

Pop Culture Principle – You also starred in one of our recent favorite series Chapelwaite alongside Oscar winner Adrien Brody. What was it like working on that series?

Sirena Gulamgaus – Oh God! That was an amazing experience. That was filmed in Nova Scotia for just a little over 4 months during the peak of the pandemic. Once I left, I couldn’t see my family until the end because of the pandemic. But it was a lovely experience. To work off of an Oscar winning actor like Adrien, was so special. He’s a great actor for sure! And a great human being. Zero ego.

Pop Culture Principle – The series took place in the 1850s and the sets were incredible. How important where those sets and the wardrobe in helping you emotionally transport back to that time as an actor?

Sirena Gulamgaus – I was pretty young when I did that and I never thought much of it. I think it can be messy, especially for a young actor to try to incorporate all those details. At the end, if you can be truthful in the circumstance that your character is in, then that’s golden. I stuck with the script and I kept it truthful, the rest of the work was done by the hair, makeup, camera, and sound team.

Pop Culture Principle – Your older brother Noorin is also an actor. How influential has he been not only to you as an actor, but as a young person dealing with this business?

Sirena Gulamgaus – Literally everything. I’ve never really taken an acting class. No one in my family knows about the business, aside from my brother. He is obsessed about this industry and everything I do is because of God, and then him and also the rest of my family. But he helps out with everything. From auditions, to being cast, to everything. Without him, I honestly have no idea what to do. So shout out to Noorin Gulamgaus!

Pop Culture Principle – As a young actor still carving out your own path in the industry, what advice would you give to young people who are interested in becoming an actor?

Sirena Gulamgaus – Find a great mentor, or a coach or an agent. Someone that can help you and guide you. And only do it, if you truly have the passion. Don’t do it for the fame or money or because it sounds or looks easy/cool. Because it’s a hard industry and especially for when you are young. If you don’t have the support system, it can easily break you down and you don’t need that when you are fairly young!

Pop Culture Principle – What do you enjoy most about being an actor?

Sirena Gulamgaus – Everything! It’s so fun. When you watch the final product and can think of all the memories and experiences, it just feels good. I’ve been super lucky and blessed to do this so far! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We all love acting, how can not like it?

Pop Culture Principle – You have a film coming out on April 26th called Humane directed by Caitlin Cronenberg. What can you tell us about this project?

Sirena Gulamgaus – First and foremost, there’s great Canadian talent. Second of all, it’s a funny, thrilling and horrific film that will go down as a Canadian classic. And then to top it off, it’s directed by Caitlin Cronenberg and the Cronenberg’s respectfully know how to make a good film. The whole family is legendary. I hope to work with all of them, that’s a bucket list to look forward!


A big thank you to Sirena Gulamgaus for taking the time to talk with us! Her new film, Humane will be released on Friday, April 26th! You can check out the trailer below:

**Sirena Gulamgaus headshots courtesy of Megan Vincent**

**Transplant photo courtesy of Yan Turcotte/Sphere Media/CTV**

**Code 8 Part II photos courtesy of Netflix**

**Chapelwaite photo courtesy of Epix/MGM+**

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