It’s not often that a fan has the chance to speak to someone whose work you admire, but I have had the pleasure over the past several years to speak with author John Kenneth Muir. I first spoke to John when I contacted him for an interview about the television series Millennium. After that first encounter, we’ve had John back several times to discuss the series. John also has written numerous books on the science fiction and horror genre. John is not only and award winning writer, but he also created a web series called The House Between.

The interview today is about the third book in a series called Horror Films of the 1990s.  714 pages of reviews and discussions of over 300 films from the 1990s. It’s a wealth of information and a book that all true horror fans need to have in their collection. In the interview, we discuss the horror genre in general, society’s affect on horror and I pick out several films that we take a closer look at.

If you are interested in knowing more about John and his work after you listen to the interview, here are a few places to check out his work:

To order the book Horror Films of the 1990s, you can go to his publisher’s website McFarland by clicking here or call an order the book at (800)253-2187.

You can also visit John’s official page here.

And finally, John has a blog were he reviews and discusses current and past horror and science fiction TV shows and movies. You can access that site here.

Again, a big thank you to John for taking the time to speak to us and I hope you enjoy the interview!

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