Katie Holmes, who starred as Jackie Kennedy in “The Kennedys” will reprise that role as Jackie O in the new miniseries. Ms. Holmes will also direct one of the four episodes of the miniseries and serve as an executive producer. Jon Cassar, who directed all 8 episodes of “The Kennedys” will direct the other 3 episodes.

“The Kennedys-After Camelot” reunites REELZ with the very talented production team behind the Emmy Award-winning “The Kennedys” that includes Muse Entertainment, Director Jon Cassar (who won the DGA award for the production) and writer Stephen Kronish. Keri Selig, owner and founder of Intuition Productions, who brought the project to REELZ, also serves as an executive producer.

Production of “The Kennedys-After Camelot” is slated to begin in the spring 2015 in Canada with a premiere on REELZ (and Corus Entertainment) in 2016.

REELZ picked up U.S. rights to “The Kennedys” amid much controversy when it was dropped by another network and many critics said the project was never going to air. But REELZ defied critics and exercised its freedom as an independent voice. Not only did it air on REELZ but it went on to receive 10 Emmy nominations and won 4 Emmy Awards including best actor for Barry Pepper’s portrayal of Robert Kennedy. In addition, the miniseries was recognized with 12 other awards and 18 nominations.

Mr. Hubbard stated, “‘The Kennedys’ was a brilliant execution of storytelling based on the lives of one of the world’s best known families. We are delighted that we were able to step up and acquire the broadcast rights to that property and we have every confidence that this new miniseries will be as enthusiastically received as the last one.”

He added, “Katie elegantly portrayed Jackie Kennedy in the first miniseries and now will continue the role as Jackie grows into the Jackie O that the world knows best. Katie is brave, committed and perfect for this role. She is a strong, talented woman who understands how special and respected Jackie Kennedy, and then Jackie Onassis was, as an international icon.”

Michael Prupas, president and CEO of Muse Entertainment commented, “Our miniseries ‘The Kennedys’ was a ratings hit all over the world and we expect ‘After Camelot’ to also be very well received. The Kennedy family made a lasting mark on America and the world even after John and Robert Kennedy’s assassinations by championing universal healthcare and by creating the Special Olympics and by continuing to act as international ambassadors for many other worthy causes.”

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