Lights! Camera! Action!

Many come to Hollywood for their ultimate dream. The dream of becoming famous and rich in one of the most difficult industries. Now, some are lucky enough to make it in Hollywood, but as we have found out over the years, there is a dark side to Hollywood.

Veteran journalist Mo Ryan explores that dark side of the industry in her new book, BURN IT DOWN: Power, Complicity, and a Call for Change in Hollywood. With over 30 years of experience covering film and television, she is uniquely qualified to talk about what can happen behind the scenes with your favorite shows and much more. The book was recently added to the New York Times Best Sellers list!

If you are part of the industry or even if you aren’t, this book will shed some light on what goes on behind closed doors. But all is not lost, Ryan offers hope in the book and suggestions on how things can change.

We had the chance to sit down with Mo Ryan to discuss her book in a very deep and interesting conversation. We talk about several subjects from the book including the series LOST and Sleepy Hollow as well as her thoughts on what someone should do if they are going through any of the situations described in her book.

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