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  1. I am so much of a fan it’s hard for me to focus on one set of thoughts. Ms. Bell’s willingness to answer fans on Instagram, to feel like friends with them, to be so open and honest are just breathtakingly wonderful for a fan who has virtually every piece of video ever streamed and backed up with the DVD’s. Currently awaiting Season Six on DVD! and to finish up, I have said so many times on so many sites where comments are allowed that I firmly believe Ms. Bell is in so many ways , in real life exactly like her characters and especially Casandra “Cassie” Nightingale! You have such a fan base, and here I go again, but there is no reason why , if you were to choose, there could not be a run equal, or better than NCIS or Law and Order, Special Victims! Stay safe, Please!? One more thing, I think I belong as a “Member” of Instagram but can’t come close to figuring out how to get to all the features everyone else speaks of!

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