For a show that is in its seventh season, it must be hard for the writers to come up original and fresh ideas. If you take that statement one step further, it must be hard for writers of the show Supernatural to come up with new ideas and stories. Granted, for the past seven years they have fought demons, angels, werewolves, wendigos, Lucifer and all sorts of supernatural and evil things.

The seventh season for me has been hit or miss so far. Although there have been some great episodes like Meet the Boss, to me this season has had many filler episodes. It would be kind of hard for a series on this long to go back to its heyday and capture that magic again, but Supernatural still boasts some of the best writing on television today and still can give you an episode that is just plain fantastic. The big bad of this season has been the Leviathan, which I still don’t know how they will fit into the overall arc of the season. For a group of creatures being so bad ass and a leader who can’t be stopped, the Leviathan angle has been pretty weak if not somewhat forgotten this year. I trust the writers will build up to an epic showdown between the Leviathan and the Winchester brothers for the season finale.

So, preparing to watch the latest episode of Supernatural entitled ‘Plucky Pennywhistles’s Magnical Menagerie’, I was wondering what I would be up the sleeves of the writers for this episode. I have to admit, the title alone made me chuckle and gave me hope that this would be an episode that reminded me of some of the funnier Supernatural episodes like Mystery Spot, Hell House and Bad Day at Black Rock. Although the episode doesn’t give us anything particularly new in story or continuing the arc of the series, it made for one hell of an enjoyable ride. I don’t know what it is about clowns that elicit such emotional responses from people. Either you love them as is the intention or if you are someone like me, you hate clowns! Something about clowns just creep me out and once I got past the creep factor of the clowns, I found myself smiling and laughing out loud at many parts of the episode.

From the opening scene of Sam running and hiding behind the car, only to look up and see a clown chasing him had me laughing out loud. It reminded me of the hilarious opening scene of Yellow Fever were Dean was running form the little puppy with the pink bow….classic Supernatural. This episode has the feeling of the earlier seasons of Supernatural, weird and funny at the same time. People are dying mysteriously. One man is killed by a giant octopus, another impaled by a unicorn and one killed by a shark. All of these strange deaths lead to a place that is suppose to be were bad things go away and kids draw pictures of their worst fears..Plucky’s. Think of it as the television version of Chucky Cheese. We are treated to two timelines in the episode, the past one were the guys are investigating the crimes and the current timeline were Sam is getting his butt kicked by clowns. We know from an episode in the early seasons of Supernatural that Sam has an issue with clowns, so it was funny to see him react and freak out during his confrontation with the clowns. Jared played those scenes extremely well and for someone who is afraid of clowns, he was dead on! While that is happening, we find out that one thing the killings had in common is that they all were on someone’s birthday and that said adult that was killed was either too busy to take the kid, not show up or be just not there for their kid. Sam decides to interrogate several of the employees and only one seems to stick out. After the shift manager is questioned and leaves, Dean follows her only to see her smoke a joint. Cut to the chase, it was obvious that the geeky employee was the one who was behind the killings. He would take the kids drawings and bring those creatures to life to kill the adult that did wrong by the child. Of all the bad guys that have been in Supernatural episodes, this one has to be the weakest. There was nothing truly scary or frightening about him. He was just a nerdy, lonely kid who blamed his parents for the death of his brother. Who comes back to life and kills him in the end in front of Dean. Nice little wrap up, but nothing too exciting.

Although I did enjoy this episode and it had some great moments, being in it’s seventh season and trying to come up with fresh ideas may be hurting the series a bit. There would be a good argument for a 13 episode season rather than 22 or 23 episodes. Some of the best dramas on television right now are using that format and it has proven to be a very smart move. Full seasons tend to drag and we get alot of filler episodes and I think that is one of the things hurting Supernatural right now. But, in the end, it was a nice episode to watch, we got to see Sam and Dean work well together again, laugh at each other and both get some great one liners. Something I am definitely missing in the world of Supernatural.

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