It was both good news and bad news for fans of the TNT network.

As for the good news, the network announced it had renewed Murder in the First, Major Crimes and The Librarians.

Murder in the First will return for its third season in the summer of 2016 with 10 new episodes. Also returning in the summer of 2016 will be Major Crimes which will be entering its fifth season. Right now, the order stands at 13 episodes, but that may change later. Finally, The Librarians will return in the fall of 2016 entering its third season with a 10 episode order.

Now the bad news, while the network renewed three dramas, it also cancelled three dramas.

Legends has been cancelled after two seasons. Many were surprised when the series was renewed for a second season. They series was completely overhauled with new cast members and a new direction fro the series. Agent X never caught on with an audience and was widely panned by critics, so its cancellation doesn’t come as a surprise.

The heavily hyped Edward Burns period drama Public Morals although well-received by critics, also never caught on with an audience.

**Photo courtesy of TNT**

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