In August of 2013, Pop Culture Principle had the opportunity to visit the set of the Syfy series hit Warehouse 13 as they filmed the final episode of the series.

Continuing with our series of on set interviews with the cast of Warehouse 13, today we bring you our interview with actress Joanne Kelly who plays U.S. Secret Service Agent Myka Bering. While Pete is the one who relies on his vibes and is the more easy-going of the two, Myka is smart, organized, and has a scrupulous eye for detail.

The character of Myka Bering has gone through many changes and has had many ups and downs over the past several seasons. The final season of Warehouse 13 will hopefully bring some closure for all the characters.

Like Eddie McClintock, Joanne was nice enough to sit down with us and talk about the final season of Warehouse 13.

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