Warehouse 13When Syfy announced that Season 5 of Warehouse 13 would be the final season of the series, you could hear a collective moan across the show’s fan base. The past 4 seasons Warehouse 13 has made us laugh, cry and simply enjoy what a great science fiction show can do.

The Pop Culture Principle was lucky enough to be invited to the set for the taping of the shows final episode. This particular set visit was even more special because we would be the final journalists to do a set visit for the series. When we say we, we weren’t alone. Jamie Ruby and Karen Moul from the site Scifivision were also invited to the set visit.

The visit turned out to be everything we had hoped it would be and more. We had the chance to watch several scenes being shot including the final scene in Artie’s office with the entire cast. In between takes and setting up for shots, we had the chance to sit down with Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Aaron Ashmore, Allison Scagliotti and Jack Kenny to talk about the final season and what the fans can expect. We were able to walk around the Warehouse itself and check out some of the artifacts on display. The cast and crew couldn’t have been nicer during our visit. We also spoke to John-Paul Nickel who wrote the final episode, but we’ll have to share that at a later date!

Those video interviews and photos will be available soon for your viewing pleasure, so make sure you keep checking back for updates.

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