Gordon Ramsay can do no wrong when it comes to being on the FOX network. His latest reality series Hotel Hell has just been greenlit for a second season. This will be Ramsay’s fourth show on the FOX network. He has already struck gold with Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Those 3 series deal with the culinary aspect of Gordon’s career..his latest Hotel Hell takes him out of his comfort zone and sends him hotels and inns across the country to help their situation.

The series debuted to good numbers on August 13th and each of the following episodes have earned higher ratings than the previous episodes. Gordon is becoming sort of a one man band on the network. In hearing the news about Hotel Hell being renewed, Gordon stated, “The response to Hotel Hell has been truly extraordinary, and we’re really excited to have the opportunity to turn around many more hotels in dire need of intervention.”



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