After the success of Hallmark Channel’s Summer of Dreams, fans wanted to know if there would be a sequel to the film starring Debbie Gibson and Robert Gant. Well, Hallmark heard its viewers and now both actors are back for the follow-up Wedding of Dreams, which is set to air on Saturday, September 8th at 9/8c.

Robert has built an impressive resume of credits including appearing in series such as 13 Reasons Why, Supergirl, The Tomorrow People, Castle, Popular and Nip/Tuck to name a few. Many may remember his outstanding work as Professor Ben Bruckner on the Showtime hit series Queer as Folk.

We sit down with Robert to talk about Wedding of Dreams, what it was like to team up with Debbie Gibson and Pascale Hutton again and we also talk about his work in the LGBTQ community and if he would be interested in seeing the series Queer as Folk return.

Pop Culture Principle – We hear your parents are huge fans of Hallmark movies. How excited are they that you are back for the sequel to “Summer of Dreams” with “Wedding of Dreams”?

Robert Gant – They are super excited, to say the least. They’ve been talking about it nonstop and sharing with friends and family, all of whom have been doing the same. They loved the first film and adore Debbie. And were excited to see the first film over again a few days ago in a re-run saying that it was like having me home in their living room.

Pop Culture Principle – Did you, Debbie Gibson and Pascale Hutton hope there would be a sequel to “Summer of Dreams”?

Robert Gant – We were indeed. We had a great time shooting the first one, and getting to go deeper with our characters is always a gift and a very cool thing to get to do as actors. Plus, it was a terrific world and set of relationships that were created in the first film, so the prospect of getting to do more was exciting.

Pop Culture Principle – Was there any nervousness doing a sequel to a movie that was very successful?

Robert Gant – I think there’s always the desire to have a film be the very best that it can be. And so when you’re coming off a successful first film, there is a sense of wanting it to match, or possibly even surpass, the success of the first. We definitely put everything we had into making the best film we could and hope that fans of the first will love this one too.

Pop Culture Principle – Can you tell us where the sequel “Wedding of Dreams” picks up from “Summer of Dreams”?

Robert Gant – At the beginning of the sequel, Debbie and Noah have settled into our lives, and things are flowing beautifully. Except for the fact that Debbie isn’t really tending to the performance and professional side of her career and passion. And right away, that becomes the obstacle that she and they as a couple are called to walk through. Particularly, as marriage becomes the next step in their future together.

Pop Culture Principle – You have this special connection with Debbie Gibson. Can you talk to us about working with her on “Wedding of Dreams”?

Robert Gant – Debbie is a joy to work with. She is a consummate professional and dedicated artist. I love being engaged in the process with someone who wants to dig in and create something special and make it the best it can be. And she does. We also just have a lot of fun together. She’s got this amazing, vibrant, effervescent personality and is a total light. It’s also a blast to get to harmonize occasionally with a pop star!

Pop Culture Principle – One of the important themes of the first movie was dealing with fame and what comes after. Would you agree with that and will that theme play a role in Wedding of Dreams?

Robert Gant – That’s definitely a key part of the central theme and obstacle to be overcome in this film. You’ll have to tune in Saturday night to see how it all plays out!

Pop Culture Principle – Another Hallmark favorite Pascale Hutton also co-stars in “Wedding of Dreams.” What has it been like working with her?

Robert Gant – Pascale is a doll. Talented, kind, smart, and beautiful inside and out. And she can be a real cut up and goofball in the best possible way. She really adds a great deal to the chemistry and energy of this film as well as to the journey creating it. She’s definitely that sister you’d love to have.

Pop Culture Principle – What can fans look forward to with “Wedding of Dreams”?

Robert Gant – Well, there’s more music in this film, which adds more of that wonderful energy. And there is a deeper, more intricate story now that Debbie and Noah are blending their lives and considering marriage and a long journey together as a couple and what that really means. We get to see their love for each other go deeper.

Pop Culture Principle – What message, if any, would you like fans to take away after watching “Wedding of Dreams”?

Robert Gant – I guess I would love for folks to be reminded of the importance of communication in relationships and of the value of doing the work to get through the inevitable challenge areas in order to find common ground with one another. To find that middle place where there’s balance and healthy compromise and, ideally, each person helping support the other’s dreams. So that they can get back to the love they share.

Pop Culture Principle – The Hallmark Channel continues to grow in the ratings. Why do you think their movies and series resonate so much with their viewers?

Robert Gant – I think viewers love that Hallmark films keep such a positive and joyful and hopeful focus in the midst of the twists and turns of the world around us. It’s such a relief to have this island of positivity that we can always turn to. And they’re also well done and high quality and just a lot of fun to watch.

Pop Culture Principle – You are very active in the LGBTQ community. How important has that work been to you both personally and professionally?

Robert Gant – It’s an essential and core part of my life to get to help create a world of equality and freedom. So many millions of people around the world, including me, get to experience fulfilled lives because of the work we all do to achieve true equality. That freedom and all that flows from it benefits everyone.

Pop Culture Principle – You starred in the hit series “Queer as Folk.” There have been rumblings about a possible revival of the series. Would you be interested in returning to that world again and would you see it as a timely return for the series?

Robert Gant – I would love to see that happen. As would my fellow cast members. It would be an incredible journey, particularly given the state of the world around us, to get to step back onto Liberty Avenue and into the Liberty Diner and express again the lives and love of these characters we hold dear.

We would like to thank Robert Gant for taking time from his schedule to answer our questions. Don’t forget, you can watch Wedding of Dreams on Saturday, September 8th at 9/8c only on the Hallmark Channel!

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