tnt-cancels-southland-monday-mornings1TNT has decided to cancel freshman series Monday Mornings along with veteran cop series Southland. While both cancellations did not come as a big surprise, it is still a bit disappointing that they were. Southland had been cancelled once already by NBC and was picked up by TNT for its next couple of seasons. The writing was on the wall for the series as several of its cast members had signed on for other pilots.

“TNT has made the difficult decision not to renew ‘Southland’ for another season. We are enormously proud of ‘Southland,’ which stands as one of the best police dramas ever made,” a statement released by the network.

“Executive producers John Wells, Chris Chulack and Jonathan Lisco, along with creator Ann Biderman and our partners at Warner Bros. Television, have given us five seasons of powerful, unforgettable storytelling, for which we are deeply grateful. We also want to thank the amazing cast for their impassioned, no-holds-barred performances, and the production team for their tenacity shooting on the streets of real-world Los Angeles. We wish everyone associated with ‘Southland’ the very best.”

In a statement announcing the cancelation, TNT called “Monday Mornings” a “unique and powerfully moving drama,” but acknowledged the show’s difficulty in attracting an audience.

“We are extremely grateful to executive producers David E. Kelly, Bill D’Elia and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, on whose novel the series was based,” the network said. “They crafted a unique and powerfully moving drama full of memorable situations and characters brought to life by a terrific ensemble cast. Unfortunately the show never built its audience enough to warrant its continuation. We wish everyone involved with ‘Monday Mornings’ the best and hope to work with them again in the future.”

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