Lance Henriksen stars in the new Anchor Bay Entertainment  release Beautiful Wave. The film also stars Patricia Richardson, Aimee Teegarden and Helen Slater. The film was written by Lynn Salt and David Mueller and was directed by David Mueller. Here is the official synopsis of the film from the official Beautiful Wave website:

“Beautiful Wave tells the story of a New York City teenager, Nicole (Aimee Teegarden), sent to spend a summer with her estranged grandmother (Patricia Richardson) in Santa Cruz. When Nicole is given an old 1962 surf van that belonged to the grandfather she never knew, she and three friends depart for a surf trip down to Malibu that extends down the coast of Baja after they find her grandfather’s surf map in the van. On their quest to find a still pure “spot” in this age of over-built coastlines and over-run campgrounds, the kids follow the map down to the very tip where Nicole discovers a 40 year old family secret that will unlock the door to her own self discovery. Themes of loss, healing and letting go of the past play out in this coming of age drama with a surfing backdrop that pays homage to the “soul” of surfing and invites everyone to ride the “Beautiful Wave” together.”

The DVD and Blu-ray will be released on May 8th and to celebrate the release of Beautiful Wave, we are holding a contest on the official Lance Henriksen facebook page. A big thank you goes out to Meddy Ezrah and Anchor Bay Entertainment for supplying the prizes for the contest. Tribe member Jennifer Zeghibe came up with the idea for the contest. Read the description and instructions below:

In Beautiful Wave, Lance’s character Jimmy is a “Soul Surfer.” Thomas Mitchell, author of The Seven Levels of Surfing, describes soul surfing as “The highest level, the pinnacle of surfing spirituality…The Soul Surfer expresses himself through his unity with the breaking wave. He borrows the wave’s spirit for a short while and uses his body and equipment to translate the essence of the wave’s spirit into Art.”

In a single sentence only, describe something you do in your own life that is your version of Soul Surfing. Send your response to before midnight EST on Sunday, May 13th. The names of participants will be put in a random drawing. Three winners will receive a copy of the Beautiful Wave DVD. 

Good luck and make sure we support the film Beautiful Wave!

***Photos used courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment. All rights reserved***

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