Who would have thought back in 1984, a little low-budget film starring an artist that most of the general public didn’t know about, would become a cult classic. Not only the film, but its fantastic soundtrack. Well, Purple Rain did just that. Regarded as one of the best rock films ever made, Purple Rain would go on to redefine the genre and make Prince a pop superstar. Award winning author John Kenneth Muir takes a look at the phenomenon that was and still is associated with the film.

Through interviews with several members of the film crew and other people with insights to the film, Music on Film: Purple Rain will discuss various issues with the project, from the beginning to the release of the film. We sit down with John and take a deep look at the inner workings of this cult classic. You can buy the book through John’s official page or via Amazon. Links are posted below!

John Kenneth Muir’s official site is here

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